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New E-books that will get you talking

Several new e-books were recently received and a few titles caught my eye.  These titles and nearly a hundred more can be found in the Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Story behind the Protest Song: A Reference Guide to the 50 Songs That Changed the 20th Century.  I’ll give you a pop quiz.  Which song is NOT included in the 50:

  • This Land is Your Land
  • (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (to ParrrrrrrTay!)
  • You Light Up My Life
  • 99 Luftballons
  • Southern Man

Go ahead and guess.   Or check out the book to see if you agree with the 50 songs that these authors chose.

I feel kinda slighted that my manifesto failed to make it into Milestone Documents in World History, Milestone Documents in American History or Milestone Documents in World Religions.  Honestly, it could fit into any of these titles.

I happen to think that Popular Controversies in World History: Investigating History’s Intriguing Questions missed some of the big controversies, like whether or not Elvis and/or JFK are really dead.  Oh, I get it.  They left this one out cuz OF COURSE both Elvis and JFK are alive and well.  Yup, proof right there people!  Also missed, no one ever landed on the moon.  Meh. I guess the book is not called “Conspiracy Theories in World History” for a reason.

Perhaps Space Exploration and Humanity: A Historical Encyclopedia explains the moon landing but with chapters titled “Astrobiology” and “Microgravity Science” I kinda spaced out (Get it?!  See what I just did there?? Which just proves my next point).

Superior Beings: If They Exist How Would We Know? Oh, how this book doth jest!  We superior beings, of course, do exist.  You know I do because you faithfully read my blog every time I post and hang on my every word.  The book is described like this: Examines theology and the idea of a superior being in the context of game theory. The central question posed: If there existed a superior being who possessed the supernatural qualities of omniscience, omnipotence, immortality, and incomprehensibility, how would he/she act differently from us? My aforementioned manifesto explains how, in my omniscience, omnipotence, immortality (possibly immorality, but that’s a different blog post) and incomprehensibility (DEFINITELY this one) I act differently from you.

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