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What’s new… Proquest

While you were away in January skiing in Switzerland or snorkeling in Aruba or slaving away 50 hours a week at your dad’s company to pay for next semester, we at the library have been coming up with a lot of new things.  I’ll spend the next few blog posts revealing the new and the fancy.

First and foremost was a change of look and function in over 30 library databases.  You may be familiar with the brand Proquest.  It used to look like this:  proquest

Or maybe you were used to using CSA which looked like this:


But now if you do a search in

They will now look like this:


The big deal isn’t so much how it looks, but how it works.  Now when you get results in a Proquest database, you’lproquest3l be able to do a ton of new things. You can combine several (or all) Proquest databases to search them only once. This would be great for all the sociology/social science databases.  Another thing you can do is limit by source type.  Let’s say you only want scholarly journals on a topic.  Boom!  Limited to only scholarly journals with the click of a mouse.  Some of the best new features come in the form of MY RESEARCH.

No sign-up needed.

Without an account you can…

  • View your selected items
  • Create a bibliography
  • View and combine your recent searches
  • Print, email and save items
  • Export to a citation management tool

Learn more…

Save it for later.

With an account you can…

  • Save articles, images and searches
  • Organize your research with folders
  • Add tags and create lists to share
  • Set ProQuest preferences
  • Manage your alerts and RSS feeds

Sign in or Create an account

Hey RefWorks fans!

Connecting accounts is easy…

Add items to RefWorks with a single click. You can connect your account to My Research during sign-up or any time after. When you do, have your RefWorks login information ready.

Learn more…

That’s the first of 3 installments of what’s new with library databases.  I’m sure you’re just on the EDGE of your seat waiting to hear what else we did.

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