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Frankie Says Relax

frankiesaysrelaxWe here at the library have many ways to relax and reduce stress during finals. We have tools that will help speed your research, services to help you relax, and people just waiting to help you when you get stuck. Plus, we’ve extended our hours so you can spend late tonight and late tomorrow safe and snug in the library while the snow (allegedly) rages outside.  I’m either in denial about the snow or have lost faith in our weather forecasters. I’m not sure which one it is – probably a little of both.

summon smallWhen you don’t know where to start your research, I highly recommend  Summon. Summon allows you to search millions of articles (newspaper, journal, or magazine) and CLICnet all at once – over 200,000,000 resources in a single search box. I dare you not to find something on your topic. More about Summon.

refworksRefWorks builds bibliographies for you. So if you were told to create a bibliography for your final paper in the APA format and have no clue what that means, no worries. Dump the citations into RefWorks, choose APA and dunzo (ok, check it first to make sure the system did what it was supposed to do). My point is, RefWorks helps build bibliographies with ease.

coffee bene Give yourself a break and relax with some calming tea from Cafe Bene. Or wire yourself up for a marathon session with espresso. Either way, Bene’s got you covered. Hours | Menu

If you spend more than 5 minutes looking for info on your topic, stop what you’re doing and IM or SMS a librarian – Text send USTLibraries <your message here> to 246246. We cn save u tym.

Do as Frankie says and no one will get hurt.

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