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Job hopping and business owning

Get ready to switch jobs if you haven’t lately.  According to the Book Of Odds website, the odds of having at least 15 jobs between the ages of 18 and 42 are a whopping 1 in 4.39.  The figures change a bit depending on gender and level of education. 

Graduates: be prepared to move around a bit. 

Note also a recent Gallup poll that reported business owners as having the hightest well-being of any occupational group.  Professionals and managers were close runners-up.   Transportation and manufacturing workers have the lowest overall well-being.

Graduates: own your own business. 

One path to owning a business is to get in on the ground floor of a small business, with the upcoming year being a good time to do so.   Forty-four per cent of small business owners indicate that they’re looking to hire in the next year in this recent survey from

Graduates: Get a job with a small business, use your entrepreneurial skills to grow and eventually buy that business, and enjoy the good life.

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