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Find-It Tool New Redo

Find It is our name for a “link resolver,” that is to say, our automated method to tell you if St Thomas owns a specific journal article. It is a fantastic time saver, though a little complex, even a tad confusing until you get the hang of it
You may have noticed the recently improved look of the Find It tool — a few design and some cosmetic changes have been made. findIt_icon.jpg So this may be a good time to review major Find It features.
In searching databases you will often come across citations that include the small Find It button. Find It retrieves/displays a lot of access information and lets you see if UST has the article you need and in what format.
• Find It checks UST resources to see if we have an article and if it is available online or in print form View image of Find It
• Find It tells you which UST library has the journal View image of a print-only article
• If an article is online, Find It can usually provide a direct link to the article, even in another resource you are not logged into. View image showing online access
• If St Thomas does not have access to an article, Find It tells you. Right there you can choose to request it through interlibrary loan View image of options
• Find It is not perfect. It has trouble with books and essays in books, or separately index chapters. View image
If in doubt, use the CLICnet search option View image

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