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UST Libraries will introduce "recall option" in Spring, 2009

Beginning in spring, 2009, UST Libraries is planning to implement a recall option for library materials. What this means is that when you have checked out a book and have had it out for at least two weeks, if it is needed by another patron, you will receive a notice from the library asking that you return the book within 7 days.
Recalls will be available to current St. Thomas students, faculty and staff to more efficiently share library resources and to ensure fair use of library materials among all patrons. This does not mean that the library will never purchase a second copy of a book or use interlibrary loan, but the recall option is intended to get UST-owned items to more patrons as quickly as possible. Many college and university libraries currently offer a recall option to allow better access to library materials. It is not anticipated that this will happen very often, but it may be very helpful to those who do need this option.
UST library patrons will be assured of at least two weeks’ time before a recall would require them to return an item. Patrons receiving a recall notice will be allowed one week from the time of the notice to return recalled items to the library. You also will be able to place a hold on the item and be the next in line to recall it.
Only current St. Thomas faculty, staff and students will be allowed to place recalls on UST library materials. Patrons from other CLIC schools, alumni and friends of the library will not have the recall option for UST materials.
Watch for more informational articles (here and in Bulletin Today) about the recall option before it becomes effective next spring.

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