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'Already-Used Paper' printer ready for use in O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library

The Student Sustainability Committee (SSC) has provided a second printer in the first floor computer area of the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library. The printer is labeled “Student Sustainability Committee’s ‘Already-Used Paper’ Printer.”
This printer will allow students to print on already-used paper and to give back already printed-on paper for other students to use. Recycling will still be available in the library for printed sheets with confidential information.
Used paper is ideal for printing anything that does not need to be formal or turned in for a class.
When printing from one of the computers in the area, select the printer titled “LIB 101-Already Used” on your print screen before clicking print. If you have printed something in error or you do not mind giving the paper back to be used by another student, you can help sustainability efforts by placing used paper in the “Instant Recycling Paper” box near by the printer.
Another box is located near the printer and paper collection box for comments about the printer, recycling or other issues of sustainability at St. Thomas. These comments will be collected by the SSC for consideration.
This trial run will continue for the remainder of the semester and, if successful, will be considered for continuation.
The SSC thanks Lori Christianson and Deanna Kuhns for their help in getting this project started.

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