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Happy birthday to Paris edition of weekly trivia

July 8th marks the city of Paris’ 2057th birthday and the city’s rich cultural history is apparent in its landmarks, architecture, museums and graveyards. One Parisian graveyard in particular was made famous by a 19th century author who ‘buried’ the title character of one of his most famous books there making it an instant tourist destination. Talk about product placement! Ever since then it is one of the most ‘in’ places to be buried and the roster of who is resting there reads like a ‘Who’s who’ of modern French history, although the occasional Brit and American has snuck in. Speaking of Americans, in 1999 Cher reserved a plot there as her final resting place. I suppose her impact on French culture is greater than I initially thought.
Long story short, I would like to know the name of this graveyard and if you can come up with the name of the author of many classic works of realism then all the better for you.
There are two ways to tackle this question, you can go the highbrow history of French literature route in some of our literature or history databases, or you can approach it from the Cher angle and look for newspaper stories from that time. I promise to not judge your methods on finding the answer.
I was not yet around in 1962, but I do know that ‘Where were you in ‘62’ was the tagline to ‘American Graffiti’ and the personality I was looking for from that movie was DJ and all around fixture of 1970’s popular culture – Wolfman Jack. The campus 70’s nostalgia buffs are
Marianne Hageman
Jan Pinkerton
Peter Erickson
Matthew Koenen
Thanks to everyone who played.

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