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Portable, collaborative spaces in libraries — "thinkering spaces"

O’Shaughnessy-Frey reference librarian Marianne Hageman invites us to read about portable and collaborative uses of space developed by the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design. She points out that in two recent posts from The Shifted Librarian weblog, Jenny Levine writes:
“The point is to bring spaces into libraries that let people collaborate around the content that already exists in our buildings, add new content to the mix, mash it all up to create something new, and share it with the community. Rinse. Repeat. It’s a way to connect people with the physical world and help them make sense of it by interacting with and changing it. It’s another instance where the library adds value to the equation (the same way it does with books and now games), offering an experience you can’t replicate at home, borne of the community. TJ, the programming wizard behind the curtain, called it a “human interface environment,” rather than a “human computer interaction.” It takes the focus off technolgoy and puts it back onto the people.”
If you wish to read more, please see Thinkering Spaces in Libraries, part one and part two.

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