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Day 6 – August 22 (Jenna Dockter)


We packed a bunch into our first full day in Barcelona and besides some rain and wardrobe mishaps I’d say it was a success!  If you ever get to visit this beautiful city, here are the top 5 things you should do:

1) Visit La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia is an unfinished basilica built by primarily by Antoni Gaudi.  Our lovely tour guide Mar explained that people either love the architecture or hate it, due to it’s intricate and “gaudi” nature.  We thought it was pretty amazing, but were a little scared off when we heard it won’t be finished until 2026, when we’re 33!!

2) Go to the Olympic Stadium
The Olympics were in Barcelona in 1992, and we were able to get into the futbol stadium and see the torch! It’s cool to see that the facilities are still used even though the Olympics have come and gone.

3) Visit the Cathedral de Barcelona
Although the whole team was unable to get into the cathedral due to bare shoulders, a few got to experience it!  There were numerous small chapels within, each with gold figurines and stain glass windows as well as two main alters.  Again, we were impressed by the beautiful architecture of Barcelona!

4) Go $hopping
During our free time we hit the streets of Barcelona to wheel and deal for some gifts (parents get ready!) I loved the little shops in Barcelona because they were so local and different.  Maggie even found some hidden treasures at the flea market even though she had to go at it solo!

5) Play a pro team
Our final game of the trip was against a pro team and ended up being tight until the fourth quarter.  We had a lot of fun against great competition, which was the perfect way to close out the basketball portion of the trip.  A few of us even got to trade warm-ups with some of the girls after the game!  St. Thomas purple has officially left it’s mark on Spain!!

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