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Day 2 – August 18 (Hannah Hughes)


Tourists: It was reassuring to see that we were not the only tourists there, the city was busy as is the most visited city in Spain. We would get a little nervous when passing other buses on the narrow, windy streets, but we made it out alive!

Old: Toledo is known as the oldest city in Spain. We learned that it was divided  into three religious factions. A lot of the architecture had medieval influence, it was both intricate and beautiful.

Likes: The Toms collected a record amount of likes on instagram today, both individually and collectively on our team account (@USTtommieswbb, remember to go give us a follow).  On the way up, our bus was able to stop and take beautiful panoramic pictures of the city, and throughout the rest of the day we were provided with an ample amount of opportunities to get various snap shots.)

Elegance: The city is full of unbelievable details. From the gold and steel crafts made in the factory to the stonework on the cathedral, everywhere you looked showed precision and expertise.

Dining: Of course, we all were excited about eating. There were many outdoor patios and quaint restaurants to try. Some of us stuck with the an old favorite (pizza) and some were a little more adventurous (pig ears and octopus).

Outstanding: It’s safe to say our day at Toledo was a favorite amongst the team. We learned a lot, had fun, and left wishing we had more time to spend in this culturally diverse city.

We are excited to see what Spain has in store for us.

Tommies out.

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