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Day 1 – August 17 (Beth Wittry and Elaine Warner)

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Hola from Espana!! We finally arrived in Madrid on Sunday afternoon and spent all of yesterday taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of the beautiful city.

After only three days together, it’s safe to say we’ve already had so much fun and made so many memories; so we decided to present you our top ten favorite quotes.

10) “Was that a swordfish head?” – We have discovered that Spanish food is quite different and served in a very umm fresh form aka a head staring at you. But it’s been fun trying different different tapas which are small plates of Spanish cuisine meant for sharing.

9) “For the good of the team.” – The weather here is very hot during the day and seems very hard to find agua. Therefore if one person has water, it’s unspoken that it’s everyone’s water – you know since we are a team.

8) “Would you rather…” – After 18 hours of traveling, we were desperate for entertainment so an epic game of would you rather commenced. The other people on the plane didn’t seem to find it as funny as us. Spain version: Would you rather have to read this blog or be thrown in the bull fighting ring?

7) “Well that sucked.” – The plane ride did turn interesting when an 8 year old boy sitting in front of us got motion sick. We won’t get into details, but a sickness bag was umm filled. He bounced right back quickly though with a smile and telling the whole plane that it sucked.

6) “Let’s go to the balcony.” Our hotel has a really neat outside seating area which has quickly turned into our favorite team gathering place. It was also where a ALS Ice Bucket Challenge took place and Coach Sinn was nominated. We will keep you updated with how that turns out :).

5) “On your left.” – We started our first day in Madrid by doing a bus tour of the city. We saw a bull ring, palace, and statues. However, it seemed like everything cool was on the left side and we were on the right…

4)  “It only (blank) euros.” – The currency exchange has been a bit difficult for us to figure out. We did some shopping in the City Center and many purchases were justified by saying its not that many euros… But that equals a more in US dollars. Sorry mom and dad.

3) “What are you wearing tomorrow?” – Definitely the most important decision of the day and the most discussed topic. It’s not often we aren’t in basketball shorts. And of course we all want to look cute for pictures.

2) “Is there wifi?” – We all just can’t wait to check twitter and Instagram updates from @USTtommieswbb (give them a follow). It’s a little strange being disconnected, but it’s been awesome to connect even more with each other.

1) “Let’s take another picture of what is that again?” – The architecture of buildings, sculptures, and parks is so beautiful. However, there is so much cool stuff that we don’t always know what we are taking pictures of. And both Coach Sinn and Silk really love the group shots even though we usually end up causing a scene.

We are off to Toledo tomorrow and looking forward to playing in our first game. Adios!!

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