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Day 5 – August 21 (Laura Margarit)

Madrid to Barcelona

This morning began with a 6AM wake up call and the start of a long bus trip. We traveled over the river and through the woods, well mainly through mountains and lots of brown, but you get the point, from Madrid to Barcelona with a stop in between in Zaragoza.  During our stop, we were able to go inside of the  Caterdral Basililica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the 5th biggest Cathedral in Spain. It was filled top to bottom with many intricate sculptures and detailed paintings, such a beautiful place. After viewing the cathedral, we did what we do best, EAT. Some of us had coffee, sandwiches, ice cream, and crepes, while others had churros and lots of chocolate. After an hour it was back on the bus for the final stretch.


We arrived in Barcelona, with about 30 minutes of downtime before our game. We played A.E. Sant Andreu de Nazaret. The net had tassels, the ref was in sandals, and the toilets didn’t have seats but we had a great time. We won 78-30 and are starting to get the hang of the European game- such as a trapezoid for a lane, no talking during shots, and different subbing rules- all with Spanish speaking refs. On the way home, we stopped by the Mediterranean Sea to scope it out for Saturday. The night ended with a buffet at the hotel that included some familiar food-salad, pizza, potato wedges, and even a birthday cake in honor of Coach Silk’s birthday. In our ever so angelic voices, we sang Feliz Cumpleanos (or as our guide Elena corrected us we’ve been singing it wrong all along, it’s actually Cumpleanos Feliz).

We called it an early night in order to rest up for a full day in Barcelona tomorrow!


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