Christmas Weekday – Seasonal Reflections

Christmas Weekday

Readings: Christmas Weekday | USCCB  

I am deeply moved by the comforting and transformative power of the Incarnation. The deep recognition that Jesus came to become one of us, and in becoming one like us – choosing to become poor, despised and vulnerable—reminded us of our own dignity as children of God, a beacon of hope, but also a call to mirror God’s love and compassion amidst the injustice we find it our world. 

As we wrap up the Christmas season, this realization of what the incarnation demands from us, makes me embrace my faith with a deep sense of belonging and understanding. 

To know Jesus as the Son of God is to see the world through a lens of divine love and compassion, extending beyond personal salvation to encompass a commitment to justice and a compassionate response to those in need. This aspect of faith is not just a moral obligation but a profound expression of Christ’s teachings and His love for all humanity. It’s a reminder that we are never alone, whether in our struggles or joys. In moments of doubt or hardship, this belief offers a reassuring presence, a gentle whisper that guides and comforts. 

Living out these promises is not always easy, but there is profound comfort in knowing that we do not walk this path alone. Jesus’ ministry was marked by acts of compassion and care for the marginalized and disadvantaged. Emulating His example, our faith calls us to be agents of change in a world rife with inequality and suffering. Our faith provides a community, a family of believers, who support and uplift each other in the shared journey of faith. This commitment to justice is an integral part of living out our baptismal promises. 

In essence, our journey of faith is one of the heart, where the teachings and love of Jesus deeply transform every aspect of our lives. It’s about finding peace in His presence, strength in His word, and joy in His love. As Catholics, we are invited to embrace this journey, finding comfort and meaning in our relationship with Jesus, the Son of God, our guide and savior. 

Manuela Hill-Munoz, Director of Social Justice & Changemaking, Center for the Common Good 

The Campus Ministry Seasonal Reflections are offered during the liturgical seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter. We bring a variety of voices from Students, Faculty and Staff. The perspectives expressed in these reflections are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Campus Ministry. 

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