Memorial of Saint John Neumann – Seasonal Reflections

Memorial of Saint John Neumann

Readings: Memorial of Saint John Neumann, Bishop | USCCB 

How do we get to know someone and love them? In the first reading today, we see the message of love and care for our brothers and sisters. Yet, this can be difficult because we may not know them. In the second reading, when Nathanael questions Philip “Can anything good come from Nazareth?” I was taken aback. It reminded me of my bias, or judgement of others based on where they are from. It also reminded me of times where I was judged due to my background. How can we show love for one another without knowing each other? However, Jesus saw Nathanael under that, and He knew him. 

This season of Advent, I am reminded that Jesus knows us and loves us. Just like when Jesus told Nathanael that He saw him and knew him. It may take us time to love because we need to know and hear that reciprocal recognition from our brothers and sisters. Do we also expect this from God? Do we expect a clear message from Him to know that He loves us? Or are those sights and sounds already here, around us in our human family?  

The readings reminded me to look for God in everything, and not be so quick to judge others. I may need to get to know them, but Jesus knows and already loves them. Can I open my heart and love them too? 

Martha Alonzo-Johnsen, Clinical Faculty, Dougherty Family College 

The Campus Ministry Seasonal Reflections are offered during the liturgical seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter. We bring a variety of voices from Students, Faculty and Staff. The perspectives expressed in these reflections are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Campus Ministry. 

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