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Interfaith Fellows Program

The mission of the Interfaith Fellows Program is to educate and prepare (inter)religiously literate and responsible scholar-practitioner leaders, critically informed by how lived religious practices and beliefs shape America, who act wisely, work skillfully, and engage religious diversity to advance the common good in civic, academic, professional, nonprofit, public, and community sectors.

“Interfaith leaders are necessary in every office, every classroom, every workplace, and every neighborhood” – Dr. Russell C.D. Arnold, Regis College

Why apply?

  • Receive $2,000 Fellowship Award
  • Flexible Two-Year Holistic Experience with a Small Cohort of Students
  • Earn a Minor in Interfaith Leadership & Engage Religious Diversity
  • Build Resume with Practical Internship with Community Partners
  • Be a Leader on Campus and in Community

**Current St. Thomas students may click here to read more and apply**

Interfaith Fellows complete all required components under the four headings below:
(1) Cohort ~ (2) Scholar ~ (3) Practitioner ~ (4) Leader

Fellows complete components in all four areas listed below at their own pace, in no particular order, and on their own timeline within the two-year program. The minor can be completed beyond the two-year program.

(1) Interfaith Fellows Cohort: Each Fellow joins a two-year cohort that meets monthly (excluding J-term and summers) with the IF Director to develop a learning community and to complete basic training in interreligious studies, interfaith leadership and engagement, and professional vocational development. Meetings will include guest speakers and trainers from professional, social, and civic organizations to match the Fellows’ leadership, vocational, and professional interests. The flexibility of the Interfaith Fellows program allows students to remain in the program while studying abroad, working at their jobs, and being involved with their regular busy extra-curricular activities at St. Thomas.

(2) Scholar: Minor in Interfaith Leadership

  • Coursework (12 credits)
  • Interreligious Studies Research and/or Interfaith Internship (4 credits

(3) Practitioner: Interfaith Community Engagement & Dialogue

  • Engagement Practicum: Complete 100-hour Interfaith Engagement Practicum with an interfaith community organization.
  • Dialogue Practicum: Complete either campus-based Peace Meals Dialogue program or Sliya Global Connect Program (or similar)

(4) Leader Opportunities to Lead on Campus

  • Multifaith Leadership Seminar (second year of program)
  • Campus Leadership Role (several options)

Read More: History of Interfaith Fellows Program (link coming soon)

Read More: Newsroom article on inaugural cohort.

  • Open to students of all religious, spiritual, secular, and nonreligious identities, worldviews, and ways of life.
  • Made possible with a generous grant from The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations.

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