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Day 22 and Day 23: Venice

Our last days in Europe!
Day 22: In the morning, we had the last presentations of the trip. Afterwards, we spent the rest of class time working on homework before we split off for lunch. One group went to an all you can eat sushi bar and the rest of us went to an Italian restaurant. In the afternoon, we had a two hour walking tour of Venice. There is no wheeled transportation in Venice, not even bikes! After the tour, many of us came back to the hotel to finish up more homework.
Day 23: Our last day in Venice! We woke up in the morning for our last class session. This session was used for asking any last minute questions about the workbook or the final. After that, we were free for the day to explore. Some people went on a Gondola ride and others just walked around and went shopping. At night, we had our last farewell group dinner! It was an amazing trip and we are so thankful for Dr. Shakiban and Dr. Hennessey for creating such an awesome class!

Girls on the Gondola!

Canal in Venice.

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Day 16 and 17: Rome

This weekend, we had two free days! On Saturday, there were two main groups. One group went to the coast of Italy and went to the beach for the day and the other group took a train to Pompeii. It was a really nice day out, 60 and sunny. Both groups enjoyed their adventures! On Sunday, many of us used the time to do a lot of homework so that we will be ready to receive the final this week. We have one more week left abroad before heading back to Minnesota!

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Day 11 and Day 12: Athens and Rome

Day 11: We were able to sleep in before we headed to the beach for the day! We were able to go to a suburb of Athens and check out the beach, walk around, and get lunch. After that, we came back to the hotel to get ready for class. During class, we learned about Fractal Geometry. It was very interesting! After class, we got ready for our last group dinner in Athens. It was at a rooftop restaurant with a great view of the Acropolis. It was awesome! That night, some of us felt an earthquake!

Day 12: We got up bright and early to go to the airport and go to Rome! It was a two hour flight. Once we landed, our guide met us to the bus. While traveling to Rome, she gave us detailed history of the city. We also stopped on the way to the hotel to check out the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. It was amazing to finally see in person! We checked into the hotel and then went to an Italian restaurant for a group lunch. How yummy! Many people took the rest of the day to rest and work on homework as we have Midterm’s tomorrow (as well as a visit to the Colosseum)! How exciting :).

Trevi Fountain

Inside the Pantheon

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Day 6: Barcelona

We had nothing going on in the morning, so we were all able to sleep in, eat breakfast, and do some more shopping. At 12:30, we left to take the subway to La Sagrada Familia. I never knew it was that huge! We had whisper headsets again with a guide. It was neat to hear the meanings behind the engravings on the church. The inside was magnificent! The ceiling was huge. They told us the estimated completion date would be in 2026. After the tour, we were on our own to find lunch and make our way back to the hotel. Because it has been mid fifties, walking around has been fun and enjoyable! With the night free, people are using it to do some shopping, homework, and relaxing. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day as we are going on a few tours and to the FC Barcelona game! Whoo!

Group Photo outside La Sagrada Familia

Inside La Sagrada Familia

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Day 4: Granada/Barcelona

In the morning, we woke up for a classroom session. We learned about homogeneous transformations, which we will see a lot of at La Sagrada Familia. After we had class, we packed up our stuff to store at the hotel. We were on our own for lunch. Many of us went out in small groups to get lunch and do some shopping. A lot of us went to check out the cathedral, it was huge!! Many of us also took the time to work on some homework and group projects or play card games during the free time. At 4:15, a bus took us to the Granada Airport to go to Barcelona. After we almost lost a student’s luggage and the bus was late, we finally made it to the hotel in Barcelona at 11. Many of us went out for dinner as we were all very hungry! Looking forward to exploring Barcelona more tomorrow!

P.S Happy Birthday to Joe!!

A couple of people went to mass in the Cathedral and were able to snap a quick picture of the inside.

Walking towards the Cathedral and the city center of Granada.

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Day 2: Toledo and Granada

We started off our day with an hour classroom session learning about different types of Frieze patterns and wallpapers. The classroom was in the lobby of the hotel (pictured below). Afterwards, we had a two hour walking tour of Toledo. Even though it was raining, it was awesome to learn about Toledo while walking around! Afterwards, everyone was on their own to find lunch, explore the city, and work on some homework! We then took a four hour bus ride to Granada. On the way out of Toledo, we were able to stop at a scenic overlook that gave a panoramic of the city. We stopped to take a group picture (below). Many of us took the time to rest and work on homework on the bus. We arrived in Granada at 8:30 and were on our own for the night.

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Day 1: Toledo

Hola from Spain! After we landed in Madrid, we took an hour bus ride to Toledo. When we got to Toledo, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and went to explore Toledo! By explore, I mean, we went to find food 🙂 Shortly after, we had a classroom session. We had a lecture about Linear Algebra and reflections. We learned about the History and Geometric Patterns of the Synagogue of Santa Maria La Blanca. Right after, we went to visit the Synagogue in person! Later that night, we had a group dinner at La Abadia. La Abadia was in old caves which was really cool! On the way there, there was a parade for the national holiday tomorrow, Epiphany. There was even fireworks! Everyone is exhausted, but excited for our walking tour of the city tomorrow! Below are pictures from the dinner.