J-term Trip 2018

Day 13, 14, and 15: ROME

We have been so busy exploring Rome!

Day 13: After our midterms, we were free to explore, go shopping, and get lunch before heading over to the Colosseum for a tour. The Colosseum was huge! It was unreal to think that people used to go there to see gladiators fight. Our Rome guide was with us telling us the history behind the Colosseum. That day, we also saw the Roman Forum. This was an area where there were a ton of ancient remains together. It was crazy how old everything was and how the architecture was so great of the buildings that they are still standing. After the tour, we were on our own to find dinner and head back to the hotel to relax.

Day 14: In the afternoon, we headed over to the Vatican using the subway. It is so nice to have unlimited metro passes while we are here! Before entering Vatican City, we had a group lunch. It was very yummy! Did you know that the Vatican City is it’s own country? So, therefore, we entered our fifth country of the trip! The inside of the Vatican was breathtaking; images don’t do justice. St. Peters Basilica was just as breathtaking and huge. It was something like we’ve never seen before! After that, we were on our own to get dinner and be free for the rest of the night.

Day 15: In the morning, many students went shopping and grabbed lunch in small groups. Many of us went to go see the Spanish Steps! In the afternoon, we had a three hour classroom session where we learned a little bit about Linear Algebra and Null Space. After class, we were free until a group dinner! We are loving Rome and loving that we get to explore so many different places!

Group Picture outside the Colosseum.

Inside St. Peters Basilica

Exterior of St. Peters Basilica

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