J-term Trip 2018

Day 5: Barcelona

We were able to sleep in this morning because we did not have class until 12. With the morning free, people slept late, went to breakfast, and did homework in the hotel lobby. Some even got up to explore! During class, we learned how to find a golden ratio, buttresses, and different kinds of arches. It is cool because we have seen so many of these arches already! After class at 2, we all explored Barcelona. Most people went to the market for lunch, and then to the beach to see the ocean! There is a main road in Barcelona called La Rambla with a ton of shops off of it. People were able to shop for souvenirs and FC Barcelona gear since we are going to a game on Thursday night! After exploring the city of Barcelona, we had a group tapas dinner at 7:30.

La Rambla

Beach in Barcelona

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