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Day 4: Granada/Barcelona

In the morning, we woke up for a classroom session. We learned about homogeneous transformations, which we will see a lot of at La Sagrada Familia. After we had class, we packed up our stuff to store at the hotel. We were on our own for lunch. Many of us went out in small groups to get lunch and do some shopping. A lot of us went to check out the cathedral, it was huge!! Many of us also took the time to work on some homework and group projects or play card games during the free time. At 4:15, a bus took us to the Granada Airport to go to Barcelona. After we almost lost a student’s luggage and the bus was late, we finally made it to the hotel in Barcelona at 11. Many of us went out for dinner as we were all very hungry! Looking forward to exploring Barcelona more tomorrow!

P.S Happy Birthday to Joe!!

A couple of people went to mass in the Cathedral and were able to snap a quick picture of the inside.

Walking towards the Cathedral and the city center of Granada.

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