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Day 22 and Day 23: Venice

Our last days in Europe!
Day 22: In the morning, we had the last presentations of the trip. Afterwards, we spent the rest of class time working on homework before we split off for lunch. One group went to an all you can eat sushi bar and the rest of us went to an Italian restaurant. In the afternoon, we had a two hour walking tour of Venice. There is no wheeled transportation in Venice, not even bikes! After the tour, many of us came back to the hotel to finish up more homework.
Day 23: Our last day in Venice! We woke up in the morning for our last class session. This session was used for asking any last minute questions about the workbook or the final. After that, we were free for the day to explore. Some people went on a Gondola ride and others just walked around and went shopping. At night, we had our last farewell group dinner! It was an amazing trip and we are so thankful for Dr. Shakiban and Dr. Hennessey for creating such an awesome class!

Girls on the Gondola!

Canal in Venice.

J-term Trip 2018

Day 21: Pisa and Venice

We woke up this morning and headed on an hour and fifteen minute bus ride to Pisa. In Pisa, we were able to see the town square where there was a cathedral, baptistery, cemetery, and the leaning tower of Pisa, of course! We went in the cathedral and it was beautiful! We also were able to climb up the bell tower (the leaning tower). It was awesome! While you walk up the steps, you can feel the lean in the building. It was a weird feeling! We had a group lunch before heading back to the Florence Train station. We took a two hour train ride to Venice where many of us worked on the work book. When we arrived in Venice, people split up to grab dinner! Venice is beautiful and the canals are amazing. We are excited to see it in the daylight tomorrow!

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Day 20: Florence

In the morning, we woke up and went to breakfast in the hotel. After breakfast, we had class time for presentations and a quiz. After class, we were free until an afternoon tour of the Galileo Museum. About half the group went to the museum where Michelangelo’s David is located. In addition to David, there were many other sculptures done by Michelangelo and other paintings in general. Many of us grabbed a quick lunch and looked through some shops before heading to the Galileo Museum. The Galileo Museum was really cool to see some of the earliest inventions of telescopes. After the museum, our class went out for some gelato. Yum :). After that, we were free for the rest of the night. Many of us used this time to work on our workbooks. We are so close to being done with them! Tomorrow, we are heading to Pisa and Venice!


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Day 19: Florence

In the morning, we woke up and headed to the train station to head to Florence. The train ride was just over an hour and a half. Since it was an early train ride, some people used the time to catch up on sleep and rest. Others, used the time to work on the workbook. Once we arrived in Florence, our local guide met us, and we hopped on the bus to head to the hotel. Once we dropped our luggage at the hotel, we went on a walking tour of Florence. We saw a Baptistery and the cathedral of the Duomo. We also went to the museum of the Duomo which was really interesting to look at! After the tours, many of us climbed stairs to the top of the bell tower. The views from the top were amazing because we were able to see all of Florence! After we climbed the bell tower, we headed back to the hotel to get our room assignments and relax before dinner. We had a group diner that night at a restaurant right by the hotel.

P.S Happy 21st Birthday Zach!!

The square where the Baptistery and Duomo are located (Exterior’s are shown here).

View from the top of the bell tower

The bell tower that we walked up to the top of.

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Day 18: Rome

Day 18: In the morning, we had class. We learned about stability of structures and also had group presentations! After class, many of us worked on homework before heading to the Leonardo Da Vinci museum. We had an hour guided tour of the museum. As engineering and math students, it was awesome to see how the earliest inventions worked. We even got to use the machines to see how they worked ourselves! We even had a demonstration by one of our classmates, Charlie! After the museum, groups split off to head back to the hotel. That night, we had a group dinner. It was delicious! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to pack up as we are heading to Florence on an early train tomorrow morning. It was a great week in Rome!

Charlie demonstrated Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

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Day 16 and 17: Rome

This weekend, we had two free days! On Saturday, there were two main groups. One group went to the coast of Italy and went to the beach for the day and the other group took a train to Pompeii. It was a really nice day out, 60 and sunny. Both groups enjoyed their adventures! On Sunday, many of us used the time to do a lot of homework so that we will be ready to receive the final this week. We have one more week left abroad before heading back to Minnesota!

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Day 13, 14, and 15: ROME

We have been so busy exploring Rome!

Day 13: After our midterms, we were free to explore, go shopping, and get lunch before heading over to the Colosseum for a tour. The Colosseum was huge! It was unreal to think that people used to go there to see gladiators fight. Our Rome guide was with us telling us the history behind the Colosseum. That day, we also saw the Roman Forum. This was an area where there were a ton of ancient remains together. It was crazy how old everything was and how the architecture was so great of the buildings that they are still standing. After the tour, we were on our own to find dinner and head back to the hotel to relax.

Day 14: In the afternoon, we headed over to the Vatican using the subway. It is so nice to have unlimited metro passes while we are here! Before entering Vatican City, we had a group lunch. It was very yummy! Did you know that the Vatican City is it’s own country? So, therefore, we entered our fifth country of the trip! The inside of the Vatican was breathtaking; images don’t do justice. St. Peters Basilica was just as breathtaking and huge. It was something like we’ve never seen before! After that, we were on our own to get dinner and be free for the rest of the night.

Day 15: In the morning, many students went shopping and grabbed lunch in small groups. Many of us went to go see the Spanish Steps! In the afternoon, we had a three hour classroom session where we learned a little bit about Linear Algebra and Null Space. After class, we were free until a group dinner! We are loving Rome and loving that we get to explore so many different places!

Group Picture outside the Colosseum.

Inside St. Peters Basilica

Exterior of St. Peters Basilica

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Day 11 and Day 12: Athens and Rome

Day 11: We were able to sleep in before we headed to the beach for the day! We were able to go to a suburb of Athens and check out the beach, walk around, and get lunch. After that, we came back to the hotel to get ready for class. During class, we learned about Fractal Geometry. It was very interesting! After class, we got ready for our last group dinner in Athens. It was at a rooftop restaurant with a great view of the Acropolis. It was awesome! That night, some of us felt an earthquake!

Day 12: We got up bright and early to go to the airport and go to Rome! It was a two hour flight. Once we landed, our guide met us to the bus. While traveling to Rome, she gave us detailed history of the city. We also stopped on the way to the hotel to check out the Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon. It was amazing to finally see in person! We checked into the hotel and then went to an Italian restaurant for a group lunch. How yummy! Many people took the rest of the day to rest and work on homework as we have Midterm’s tomorrow (as well as a visit to the Colosseum)! How exciting :).

Trevi Fountain

Inside the Pantheon

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Day 10: Athens

This morning, we got up to go with our guide to the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. She walked us through the museum with whisper headsets again. We were able to see lots of items that they had discovered over the years. It was amazing to see items that were that old! After that, there was free time for the rest of the day. Many people used this time to shop, do homework, grab food, do laundry, and explore any part of Athens that they wanted. Some of our class members hiked up the mountain to check out the beautiful views!  We are enjoying our downtime to catch up on sleep, relax, and do homework. We are all having so much fun and learning a lot too!

J-term Trip 2018

Day 9: Athens

After a good nights sleep and a yummy breakfast, we were out the door to go to the Acropolis Museum. Our Athens guide led us through the museum using whisper headsets. In the museum, there were items that they had excavated from the sites of the Acropolis. It was really cool! There were some artifacts as well as statues. Thankfully, it stopped raining by the time we headed up the mountain to the site of the Acropolis. As engineering and math students, it was amazing to see how the Greeks were able to create buildings that are still standing centuries later. After the tour, many of us went in small groups to a get gyros. They were a huge hit! Afterwards, we had class at 3. In class, we had two student presentations. One on the city of Athens, and one on the Roman Architecture of the Pantheon. Dr. Hennessey gave a presentation on Columns, Roofs, and Ceilings. Afterwards, Dr. Shakiban presented on Fractal Geometry. They were very interesting talks. After class, people went back to the hotel to get ready for the Orchestra. The Orchestra was packed! Most of the performances were different singing groups. It was awesome to listen to live Greek Music! Afterwards, we took the subway back to the hotel and went to sleep.

Group Picture on the Acropolis.

View of Athens from the Acropolis.