Step By Step Instructions

Welcome to part one of the step by step instructions.

Training Overview

  1. Login
  2. Dashboard Overview
  3. Posting
  4. Managing Assets
  5. Publish

Part 1 – Turning the lights on

Please login with the following credentials and try some or all of the things in these instructions. Please let me know if you have any issues.

Logging In

User Name: username1234

Password: secret


Dashboard Overview

After logging in, you will be presented with the dashboard. The dashboard displays a quick reference to posts and pages that have been published as well as drafts waiting to be edited, reviewed and published.


Posts: Add and edit new posts
Media: Add and manage media
Links: Add and manage link in your blogroll
Pages: Create and manage static pages
Comments: View and edit user comments


Creating a new post

  1. From the dashboard, select Posts.
  2. The navigation will expand, select Add New.
  3. The Add New Post form is where you will be adding the content of the article. Fill out the fields listed below from top to bottom. Required fields are listed in Italics.
        a. Title
        b. Body
        c. Excerpt
        d. Post Author
        e. Author Name, Author Title, Author Department, Author Photo
        f. Caption Image
      g. External URL
  4. In the right column, select a Category. (Default is University News).
  5. By default, your post will be saved as a draft. The system autosaves periodically. If you feel your article is ready for review by a peer or editor, select the Edit link next to Status and set the article’s status to “Pending Review” using the drop-down menu and select ‘OK’.
  6. Choose Preview to view a working example of the article.  The URL displayed in the browser can be copied and pasted into an email to send to a client for review.


Changing the publish date
By default, articles are set to publish immediately when an editor (any news service employee with access) selects the Publish button.  Alternatively, you can set a publish date that will keep your article unpublished until that release time, whether or not the article has been published.  This is called Scheduling an article.

  1. From the Edit Post form, the right column will display  the Publish box.
  2. Next to “Publish Immediately” there is a link to Edit.
  3. Selecting this option will display a calendar/time selector allowing you to pick the day and time you want the article to be published (Please note it is on the 24 hour clock not am/pm)
  4. Setting a day and time in the future and choosing ‘OK’ will collapse the calendar.
  5. Next, select Schedule .
  6. Note that the “Publish” button now says “Schedule” and the Status is “Scheduled”.
  7. To remove the schedule option, simply edit the Status and return it to draft.


Changing the author

  1. While editing a article
  2. Scroll down the page to you see the Post Author  heading
  3. Change the author to the correct person via the drop down box
  4. Save Changes


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