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Our Arena

For an athlete there is nothing better than having the opportunity to compete. Wednesday, November 28th marks the date of this season’s first home game and first game against a MIAC opponent, and I don’t think you can find another team with the excitement that we have heading into this game! Not only do we have the opportunity to compete, but we are able to do so in our own arena. To some, Schoenecker Arena, our home floor, is just another gymnasium, but to this team it is something more. It is an arena that is filled with championship history. St. Thomas Women’s Basketball owns 10 MIAC Championships but the championship effort exceeds far beyond the conference. In 1991, the St. Thomas Women’s Basketball team won a National Championship on our home floor, in Schoenecker Arena.
Sure we have taken the floor in our arena plenty of times, whether it be for open gym, shoot arounds, or team practice. But when we take the floor for our first home game, we are walking onto the same floor where past champions have been born. We can look up and see the 1991 National Championship banner hanging above the bleachers and we know that our history and our tradition is that of champions; and that is what we have set out to accomplish as well.
Our team motto this year is ‘Play Like a Champion.’ On Wednesday, November 28th we have the opportunity to do just that. To give championship effort is to play to the best of your abilities – and not only play like a champion but think like a champion. In the six weeks leading up to this game, our team has put in the time and the effort, working together to find a way to succeed.
Looking around at my teammates, I know that collectively we will give the championship effort that is rooted in our tradition, and as past Tommies have done before, we will step onto the floor in Schoenecker Arena with an opportunity for achievement waiting for us. We will give our best, believe in our abilities, find strength in one another, and take the floor as champions ready to compete.