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It’s Official!

On Friday, October 15, we ran an unofficial handful of time trials to test the timing system, and the results were “WOW”…”Holey Moley” and literally raised goosebumps on my forearms. The pool, officially, is fast.
Splits in the men’s 200 Medley Relay were fantastic, with three flyers (not even including 2-time MIAC Champion Erik Huls) were under 24.7, two backstrokers leading off under 25.9, and two anchor legs in the 21s. The women’s Medley was at already at 2:00, with a couple of faster splits in other relays.
The men’s and women’s 50s were amazing for this time of year. Even the 100 IMs were surprisingly fast…faster than these swimmers were at last year’s relay meet, and we’re only two weeks into the season.
All this tells me two important things: That the current team has talent, but also that the new pool is really, really fast! Maybe even faster than we had hoped as we poured over archetect’s drawings this past year.
In two weeks, we’ll host the St. Thomas Relays for the first time since we outgrew O’Shaughnessy Hall in 1999 and moved the meet to the Butler Center Pool at St. Catherine University, and later to Carleton. At that time, we’ll have further confirmation of just how amazing this pool is…the speculative term “wicked fast” may prove to be too mild a descriptor.

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