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September 2010

Coaches, Swimming & Diving

First Splash

Yesterday, at about 4:00 PM, 50 members of UST’s swimming and diving family joined hands, and after a count of “seven, eight, ready, “GO!” all jumped into the new pool, becoming the first UST students to swim in the Anderson Athletic and Recreation Complex’s amazing Aquatic Center.
After the jump, everyone surfaced, and after a moment of sheer wonder, a spontaneous cheer erupted. This was followed by a swim across to the bulkhead, some jumps into the diving well, some dives off the blocks, and about an hour of just “soaking it in.”
A special moment, the first of many for the family in their new home….perhaps not the “Palace Clubhouse,” as we knew O’Shaughnessy Natatorium, but certainly still deserving of being called “The Palace.”