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Two more practices, and then the 2010 MIAC Championships begin.
Can’t wait.
There is a businesslike atmosphere in the pool, almost a serenity, as the team prepares. Certainly, there’s the playful stuff, as there is every year as swimmers taper and the energy level rises. There are always smiles, but this year, there’s a quiet confidence that has replaced the nervousness I’ve seen before. Nobody is fretting about how they are going to swim…they’re all thinking about the things they need to do to swim their best.
Maybe it’s the amount of adversity this team has had to overcome, just to get to this point…moving pools in mid-season, changing schedules, only one home meet, having to travel to St. Kates, just to have starting blocks (until we built “Frankenstein,” our very own starting block for the McCarthy pool).
But the adversity has brought us together, and placed us on a very special starting block, ready to dive into the MIAC Championships with a togetherness that we woudln’t have if the path were less rocky.
We’re more ready for this meet than St. Thomas has ever been.
And I can’t wait.

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