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Taper Group Does Not Disappoint

If you’ve clicked on to this page, you’ve probably already seen the results from the Minnesota Challenge. We tapered 20 swimmers for this meet, and asked them to lead the way for the group tapering in the coming days for the MIAC Championships. And, just like last year, they exceeded all expectations. We had season’s best and lifetime best times all over the place. Kids were dropping time like crazy, and there were more smiles than snowflakes in Buffalo.
But one of the most gratifying aspects of the meet was watching the taper group kids and the MIAC team kids absolutely fly on their relay legs. It’s one thing to swim well in your individual events, but when three other people are counting on you, and you uncork a great swim on a relay, it says something special about you. And we had that all over the place this weekend. Many of our best swims were on relays–when team was more important than the individual…and that tells you something about the men and women on this team, and why I am so incredibly proud of all of them.

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