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June 2009

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Most Team Spirit Award

Wrapping up our review of this year’s team award winners, we present the winners of the Clancy, and Corbett-Walton Trophies. Our Most Team Spirit Awards are named for two families of swimmers and an individual who virtually won this award every year they were on the team.
The Clancy Trophy
The women’s Most Team Spirit Award is named for the Clancy sisters, Kathy and Colleen. Between them, in the 1980s, they either won or shared this trophy seven times during their careers at UST.The 2009 winner was first-year swimmer Samantha Simon. A hard-working Fly, IM, and distance swimmer in her own right, she was as vocal as anyone on the team, and was totally unselfish in her willingness to be there for others. Unless she was getting ready to swim, Sam was at the end of the pool, keeping someone inspired.Sam will be staying in great shape this summer, as she prepares for a swim across the English Channel in August.
The Corbett-Walton Trophy
This trophy was taken over by the Corbett family between 1986 and 1990, when Tim won or shared it for three straight years, and then younger brother Charlie won it in for the next two. Kirk Walton did almost as well by himself, winning or sharing the trophy four times between 1995 and 1999.
In 2009, the overwhelming winner was Junior Tyler Chase. Tyler was always at the center of any cheer, supporting people at the end of the pool, firing people up in practice, and he carried on the traditional “Happy to be Here” shout right before we’d “power up” after the National Anthem.