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October 2008

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A Nice First Meet

Even though we were missing a half-dozen swimmers (they were attending TJ Hardy’s wedding), we still outnumbered and outscored the rest of the teams in the Augsburg Pentathlon. Here’s the news story:
But, for me, the story was about how well we swam this early in the season. A bunch of swimmers hit times very close to their best from last year, and even more were not far off their best pre-taper from last year.
Three new swimmers were very impressive, winning half of the meet’s ten events between them: Maddie Frost, a first-year swimmer from Stillwater, won the 100 Fly and the 100 IM. Erik Huls, a FY sprinter from Farmington won the 100 fly in a time that is less than a half-second off his lifetime PR, and Peter Mullee, our junior transfer from the U of Minn, won the 100 Free and the 100 back despite having the flu. His back time was only nine tenths off of Dave Linn’s school record.
These stars are only half the story, however. It would take a page to list all the surprisingly good swims that we had all the way up and down the line-up.
Obviously, the swimmers noticed too. On the way to my office, after practice this morning, I overheard snippets of talk in the men’s locker room…it was all about how fast a medley relay we could put together. I’d wouldn’t be surprised if a number of personal goals were modified this weekend, too…for the faster.

Coaches, Swimming & Diving

Two Great Weeks of Practice

It’s been an amazing start to a season filled with promise. This team has really hit the water at “race pace,” and is working very hard — consistently hard, in our first 12 days of practice.
The work isn’t just hammering some early-season quality sets, it’s swimmers (and our divers, too) working hard on stroke technique, breaking old bad habits and developing the most efficient mechanics we can to carry through our training and racing. In our first three morning practices this week, the underwater camera and TIVO have sure gotten a workout, and it shows.
There have been some workout highlights, to be sure. At the end of practice late last week, we had the team do a quality 100 (at time-trial intensity, but from a push-off, and in circles). Pete Mullee clocked at 52.6 in the 100 backstroke, only seven tenths off Dave Linn’s school record. Sydney Kuramoto was also very fast in the 100 back, using her amazing dolphin kick for 12+ yards every length. We’re also seeing the results of the morning-practice strokework, as people are much faster in sets than in previous years…and we’re only three weeks into the season.
This Saturday, we have the Augburg Pentathlon, which will be fun (and an adventure for some who will swim their first butterfly race ever!!). Then, next weekend, it’s the Carleton and St. Olaf Relay Meet, followed by our traditional Welcoming Party. It’s already an amazing season, and we’ve really just begun.