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September 2008

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A New Year

It feels like the Awards Banquet was just yesterday…literally…and we’re back in school for another year. I just finished compiling the pre-season e-mail list, looking forward to our team’s organizational meeting, a week from today (Wednesday, September 10, in room 155 Murray-Herrick).
The list is 68 names long, so it looks like another big, noisy, happy, fun team again this year.
If my phone calls, drop-in visits, e-mails, and notes on the door are any indication, the excitement for the coming season is really high. And the list of newcomers includes some very talented swimmers and divers, too.
We’ll miss our graduated seniors, Kristin, Tim, Kevo, TJ, Mitch, and MJ, but we know they won’t be far away in our hearts and memories. Besides, they’re joining the greatest group of alumni swimmers and divers anywhere on the planet!! (I may be a little biased, but not overly so, if last year’s 75th Anniversary Celebration is any indication).
Stay tuned for any surprises at the first meeting…there always seem to be a few.