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March 2008

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MIAC All-Time Record for Jena Root

Lost in all the celebration over Jena’s All-American and school-record swim, is the fact that her 58.53 is the fastest time ever swum by an MIAC Athlete in the 100 Back.
The conference keeps both Championship Records (best time achieved at the MIAC Championship), but also an All-Time MIAC Record…the fastest time swum in any competition, anywhere…and Jena broke that time in the prelims of the 100 Back.
This represents a monumental achievement…congratulations, Jena!!!

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Season ends with a Lifetime Personal Record

Jena dropped a couple of seconds off her lifetime best time in the 200 Back, and closed out the season as an All-American, and returning UST Women’s Swimming to the national scene for the first time since 1996.
Her great season is reflective of the year St. Thomas had…amazing improvments, 14 new school records, 69 new entries on our Top 15 list, and probably over 200 personal best times among all our swims.
I know Jena is very proud of her own accomplishments, but all weekend, she talked about how she was just the representative at Nationals of the Family…that everyone swam with as much dedication and as much personal success as she enjoyed
Congratulations, Jena, and congratulation to the team…the Family.

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A great effort

Jena’s prelim record will stand…until next year. Although she made a great run at the finals, the second 50 just wasn’t there like it was in the prelims, and just a couple of added tenths gave Jena a 15th place in the 100 Back.
But, no time to worry, as it’s time to rest and get ready for the 200 Back tomorrow. At the MIAC Championships, the 200 back prelims was Jena’s 9th swim of the weekend…so it’s going to be fun to see what fresher arms and legs can do. The school record is only a second and a half away…and it’s a 16-year old record. Go, Jena!!!

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Jena Root qualifies 12th with new school record

Jena swam a beautiful 100 back, breaking her old school record by over three tenths and moving up into a tie for 12th in the NCAA Women’s Championships. She went a 58.53.
She swam a beautiful race, keeping her turnover up on the last 25 and hitting her walls very well. We can still improve the 3rd 25, so with a sub-:30 second 50, there’s good reason to hope that we might even see a 57+ tonight.
Stay tuned…it’s going to be fun.

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Slowed by the new suit

Our first experience with the Fastskin Pro will be our last, I’m afraid. Jena wasn’t the only swimmer who found the neck opening up like a sea anchor as she tried to swim her 50. It’s a shame, too, because Jena has been wicked fast in practice and looking really good in the water.
So, we’ll chalk up the 50 to experience, and look forward to the 100 Back. After all, that’s where we’ve spent virtually all our time in preparation.
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