Student Snapshots: Jake

Meet Jake, first-year computer engineering major from Shanghai, China. Jake started his career at St. Thomas this past spring. Jakes is already making the most of his time at St. Thomas, and hopes to start a swimming club on campus!

One of the first things that caught Jake’s eye during his college search was St. Thomas’s logo. For international students, the website is often their first look at a college.

“I liked the purple!” he said, adding that the logo also attracted him to the school.

Jake was further swayed in his decision when he discovered he could start halfway through the year in spring semester.

“I graduated from high school 1 and a half years ago and I decided that I wanted to go the U.S. for college. It took me a little while to apply,” Jake said.

Jake has been enjoying his first semester on campus and is constantly looking for clubs to join and other opportunities on campus. He even wants to start his own swimming club, something that students can do at St. Thomas! An avid swimmer, Jake intends for his swimming club to be recreational. Citing that swimming is sometimes boring alone, he would like to create a club where students can swim together for fun.

“I want to get other people together who know how to swim,” Jake said. “I have a lot of plans!”

Jake is also involved in the IEEE club for engineering students. He is searching for a job on campus, and has participated in many activities on campus through OISS and other organizations, including snow tubing.

“That was very funny,” he said. “I also went to the Chinese New Year festival, and it was very good.”

Jake lives on campus and likes the quiet and friendly atmosphere.

“Everyone says hi,” he said.

Jake said that the size of St. Thomas is great for international students.

“A small campus means small classes and more chances to talk to your professors,” Jake said.

He also said that the St. Thomas offers other helpful resources, such as the Math Resource Center.

Jake is enjoying the diversity of his classes.

“Theater is the hardest because I have never had a theater class before,” he said.

His advice for new students? Talk to your academic advisor and be persistent.

“They will help you adjust your schedule,” he said.

-Jayne, International Admissions




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