Ethan is traveling to Taiwan, Vietnam and Mainland China!

Greetings! I am pleased to report that I will be traveling to Asia again soon! I am looking for some excellent students who are eager to share their talents here at St. Thomas. If you are near any of the cities below, please contact me!

March 1-3: Taipei/Taichung 台北,台中
March 4-5: Hanoi, Vietnam 河内
March 6-7: Danang, Vietnam 达南
March 8-9: Nha Trang, Vietnam 芽庄
March 10-11: Ho Chi Minh City 胡志明市
March 12-15: Shanghai, China 上海
March 16: Hangzhou, China 杭州
March 17-18: Ningbo, China 宁波
March 20-21: Zhengzhou, China 郑州
March 22: Chongqing, China 重庆
March 23-24: Chengdu, China 成都

-Ethan Olson,  International Admissions

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