Chinese New Year Party

On Sunday, February 12, The Chinese Culture Association (CCA) hosted a party to celebrate Chinese New Year. The party was well-attended and featured free Chinese food, dances, an opera performance, paper cutting demonstrations and kungfu! It was a really fun night, and a great cultural experience at St. Thomas!

Jingru, the president of CCA, worked hard for 3 months to make the event happen.

“We wanted to let students know about Chinese Culture and get other students involved with our organization,” she said.

CCA has about 30 members. Any student at St. Thomas is welcome to join!

“CCA helps develop connections with other students so other students can share their own traditions,” Jingru said.

CCA hosts many events throughout the year including volunteer work, but the Chinese New Year party was the largest. Chinese New Year is the biggest festival in China, and because of the lunar calendar, many Chinese students do not have time to go back home to celebrate with their families.

“Getting together is the most important part of Chinese New Year,” Jingru said.

It was the first time the CCA has hosted an event to that scale, and it was a huge success!

-Jayne, International Admissions






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