Graduate Student Snapshot: Lovelace

Meet Lovelace, a graduate student studying at the University of St. Thomas. Lovelace has graciously agreed to share her story with us. Read her interview below!

“I was looking for a university with a faith based background and a supporting Catholic Church nearby with  history of academic success when I went online and found St. Thomas, MN.

I’ve attended school in different parts of the world including the UK, Nigeria, Canada and Spain from kindergarten to grad school, but I’m having a different learning experience here. It is equally challenging and fun! The grad classes are very interactive, every opinion is considered, and diverse backgrounds and experiences are valued as part of the learning experience.

The student to professor ratio really helps to fit into the system, and allows you to voice your ideas about new topics and previous assumptions about issues. It is also very encouraging to have busy professors that make time before and after classes to listen and share ideas about academics and your plans after graduation.

The Blackboard learning management system is built with all the information students need for their classes and instructions for assignments and it is user friendly, so taking online classes is less complicated too.

St. Thomas has a robust Counseling department and Career development center that help with different issues during school and post-graduation. I believe this is unique, because every student needs all the support they can get from the institution to make their time memorable.

Going to school miles and time zones away from home is not always easy, and takes a while for adjustment. When you are in an institution like St. Thomas, the journey becomes easier and you feel like you’ve been here longer.

Another striking area I’ve noticed is the support from ever friendly OISS staff. They help you navigate your way through the system by giving information, connecting international and home student in various forums, and keeping the OISS doors open without strict appointments.

I thought living in Toronto would help adjust to the winter here, but it sure was a different ball game……glad its winding down for spring now!

Funny, but I enjoy the bus shuttle between St. Paul and Minneapolis Campus, the well decorated Christmas trees on both campuses in the winter and the skyway walk which gives me a good reason to exercise daily regardless of the weather during my lunch break!”

Thank you so much, Lovelace! For information on applying to graduate programs, be sure to comment below or visit our website to learn more!

-Jayne, International Admissions


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