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As a college student, it’s pretty easy to become glued to the campus and never venture out to explore the entertainment opportunities in the city. While organizations like STAR, DAB, and RHA have great events throughout the year on campus, St. Thomas also has options available for people looking to do things off campus- and at a discounted rate. Here is a look at the discounted tickets we are currently offering through Tommie Central.

Have a hot date on the horizon, or maybe just want to see that new release with a group of friends? Tommie Central has options with several different movie theaters for discounted rates. You can shave a couple dollars off your ticket price at AMC Theaters, Mann Theaters, and Regal Cinemas. There are a few limitations though. Certain movies do not qualify for the discounted ticketing and the tickets only work at a select group of theaters, so check here for details.

The Mall of America is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Minnesota. One thing that makes this mall unique is the theme park inside: Nickelodeon Universe. With 27 different rides and attractions, you can spend the entire day at the theme park alone. With that in mind, St. Thomas offers an unlimited ride wristband that can take you for as many rides as you want for an entire day. Being located in the mall itself, there are also a lot of food and dining options if you work up an appetite. Wristbands usually go for $35.99, but St. Thomas is able to supply tickets for only $25.

Do you have children to entertain for the weekend? Consider taking them to the Minnesota Children’s Museum. The museum is full of interactive activities that make learning fun for children and the adults who visit with them. With tickets normally going for $7.95, St. Thomas offers tickets for $6.95.The St. Paul location is currently closed for renovation until April 2017, but there is a location in the Mall of America for the time being.

If entertaining children isn’t on the list of activities for the weekend (or even if it is), check out the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Science Museum both educational and fun for people are all ages. It has a lot of exhibits to look at, from a dinosaur/fossil exhibit featuring one of only four complete triceratops fossils, to an exhibit on the human body with a real mummy, to a chance to get physical with a new exhibit on the science of sports and so much more. Instead of paying the normal cost of $18.95, if you buy tickets through St. Thomas you only have to pay $17.00.

While during the cold grips of winter it’s easy to just focus on indoor activities, pretty soon it will be warming up again. What better way to enjoy the day than a trip to the Minnesota Zoo. Whether you want to learn about the wildlife of Minnesota, or see animals from all over the world, the zoo’s has a variety of different trails with over 2,700 animals, where you can fill an entire day and still not be done looking at all the zoo has to offer. Tickets usually run for $18.00 for adults, but St. Thomas students get in for $15.00.

Valleyfair isn’t open right now, but once summer rolls around it is a favorite destination among locals to spend a day of summer fun. Valleyfair has everything from thrill rides to carnival games to stores for shopping, even a waterpark. For the summer of 2017, Valleyfair is opening up a new ride called the North Star, which gives you a great view of the park and the surrounding area as it spins you around in chain-link swings 230 feet up in the air. Why pay $55.84 when with St. Thomas you can pay only $32.25? St. Thomas also offers discounts on parking, bringing the $15.00 rate down to $12.00.

Did you see anything that caught your eye? Comment below and let us know what discounted tickets you would be most interested in buying this year.

-Jessica, OISS

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