Global Engagement Week

The St. Thomas community will again celebrate Global Engagement Week (March 27-April 1). Under the guidance of the strategic themes of Globalization and One University, the events aim to recognize the many global engagement efforts already taking place at the university in teaching, learning, research and service. This celebrations planned throughout the week aim to highlight how each member of our community can engage globally and how we can support the St. Thomas vision for a better world. Continue Reading

Know Your Blogger! Katelyn

My name is Katelyn and I am in my second (and final!) year of my graduate program at the University of St. Thomas.  I am studying Leadership in Student Affairs, which will prepare me to work with students at a college or university.  I am the Graduate Assistant in the Office of International Students & Scholars, and I love getting to know our new international students. Continue Reading

Student Snapshots: Jake

Meet Jake, first-year computer engineering major from Shanghai, China. Jake started his career at St. Thomas this past spring. Jakes is already making the most of his time at St. Thomas, and hopes to start a swimming club on campus!

Continue Reading

Ethan is traveling to Taiwan, Vietnam and Mainland China!

Greetings! I am pleased to report that I will be traveling to Asia again soon! I am looking for some excellent students who are eager to share their talents here at St. Thomas. If you are near any of the cities below, please contact me!

March 1-3: Taipei/Taichung 台北,台中
March 4-5: Hanoi, Vietnam 河内
March 6-7: Danang, Vietnam 达南
March 8-9: Nha Trang, Vietnam 芽庄
March 10-11: Ho Chi Minh City 胡志明市
March 12-15: Shanghai, China 上海
March 16: Hangzhou, China 杭州
March 17-18: Ningbo, China 宁波
March 20-21: Zhengzhou, China 郑州
March 22: Chongqing, China 重庆
March 23-24: Chengdu, China 成都

-Ethan Olson,  International Admissions

Student Snapshots: Nhan

Meet Nhan, a senior Information Systems and Business Administration major from Thai Nguyen, Vietnam. Nhan answered some questions for us about his experience at St. Thomas in both English and Vietnamese! Continue Reading

Chinese New Year Party

On Sunday, February 12, The Chinese Culture Association (CCA) hosted a party to celebrate Chinese New Year. The party was well-attended and featured free Chinese food, dances, an opera performance, paper cutting demonstrations and kungfu! It was a really fun night, and a great cultural experience at St. Thomas! Continue Reading

Discounted Tickets for Students

As a college student, it’s pretty easy to become glued to the campus and never venture out to explore the entertainment opportunities in the city. While organizations like STAR, DAB, and RHA have great events throughout the year on campus, St. Thomas also has options available for people looking to do things off campus- and at a discounted rate. Here is a look at the discounted tickets we are currently offering through Tommie Central. Continue Reading

Making the Most of Winter

A common misconception is that people who live and study in Minnesota hibernate all winter long; this couldn’t be more wrong! Winter is one of the best times of the year to be in the Minnesota, and the University of St. Thomas campus becomes one of the most picturesque places in the state. Continue Reading