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Kate '18

Letter to High School Seniors

Dear High School Senior,

I was standing in your shoes exactly 3 years ago. I remember being ready to be done with high school, yet excited and nervous about starting my future. Selecting which college to attend was one of the biggest decisions I have ever had to make. Looking back, I would have told the 18 year old me to take a step back and look at my end goals. College a crucial period of your life which molds you into a well-rounded young adult training you with the professional and career skills needed to succeed in the “real world.” Not to mention on a personal basis, college is your time to figure out who you want to be. You will form lifelong relationships and along the way forge unforgettable memories. College is a time for you, and when you are a senior in high school choosing which college to attend can seem like an impossible decision to make.

Fast forward 3 years, and as a current St. Thomas junior I am 100% confident I made the right college decision. Each year as college decision day rapidly approaches, I reflect on some of the reasons I love attending St. Thomas and being a Tommie.

1.) St. Thomas has your back and is cheering you on every step of the way. Working with my faculty advisor ensured I graduated in 4 years and took all of the right classes for my major along the way. My faculty advisor got to know me and also provided personalized recommendations along the way.

2.) I’ve had incredible professors who have gotten to know me on a professional and personal level. Recommendation letters from professors have landed me several internships and scholarships.

3.) Small class sizes formulate successful learning. St. Thomas prides themselves on small class sizes and this student-to-professor ratio has given me the chance to work with my professors, ask questions, meet during office hours, and maximize all learning opportunities.

4.) Location, location, location! Located in St. Paul, St. Thomas is just 10 minutes for downtown Minneapolis and the campus is tucked into an extremely safe St. Paul neighborhood.

5.) Internships!!! I had two incredible internships during my time at St. Thomas which were opportunities I sought out from the countless partnerships St. Thomas has with businesses in the Twin Cities. The Career Development Center on campus assists students with landing the internships and jobs of their dreams.

I know the college search and decision process can be tough, but when it comes down to it, you need to look at your end goal and choose the school which is right for you and provides you with the opportunities of getting there. St. Thomas is the perfect school for me as well as so many others, and I absolutely love being a Tommie. I am so excited for my future, and because of St. Thomas, I know I’m starting off on the right path.

Best of luck with your college decision!

Sincerely, Kate- Class of 18’

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