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Back to the Borough

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably tell you again at least 100 more times- I am a total foodie who LOVES and appreciates good food. I seek out only the most delicious food wherever I travel and continue to be a firm believer food is essential to traveling and experiencing life. I quickly caught on that the best food is found at the markets in London.


One of my favorite markets in London is the Borough Market which remains one of the oldest markets in the world, just celebrating their 1,000th birthday. I’m infatuated by the Borough (and my taste buds agree) because of the rich history and extensive selection of homemade food, drinks and desserts offered. With food from around the world, you can find just about anything in the vibrant and upbeat atmosphere let off by the different venders. I’ve eaten my way through the market plenty of times, but my top choice is the homemade and fresh pumpkin stuffed tortellini topped with truffle mushroom sauce and grated parmesan cheese. YUM!




I wish I could pack the Borough Market up with me in my suitcase and bring it back for all of you to experience, it’s just that good. I’ve been to the Borough too many times to count, so I included a few of my other favorite foodie finds!







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