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“A Look at My Experience”

During my time spent studying abroad in London, I volunteered at a Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School and completed my Business 200 assignment. Business 200 is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate business majors where each student provides 40 hours of service to the community and completes a series of reflective seminars. This intimate relationship between business and the community is fostering essential partnerships to advance the long-term viability and health of both. Since 1991, over 20,000 students have completed their service in the United States and in 19 counties around the world.

I served alongside 6 other Tommies through my program at Blessed Sacrament and each of us were assigned to work with students in different grades. It is difficult to explain how much I learned and enjoyed my experience at Business 200, so I wrote a poem as my final project to reflect on the work accomplished and benefits reaped by members of the community and volunteers alike.




“A Look at My Experience”

Upon completion of my Business 200 assignment, I reflect on all I have learned,

Where do I even begin, so much has been earned.

Business 200 is founded on serving others and bettering our community,

All for the common good we say, oh what unity.

Opus College of Business sets high expectations,

Expecting all students to spread its relations. 

Our students are well rounded,

Just as the school on which we are founded.

As a crucial component of our business education,

Serving, volunteering and giving back is what Tommies do with no hesitation.

We use our education and knowledge to do what we should,

Factor in our individual talents and we contribute what we would.

With education, faith and God by our side,

We give on to others what we can provide.

Giving back encourages us to grow and serve,

In turn we provide others with care they deserve. 

While studying abroad in London I was given the chance,

To fulfilled my Business 200 requirement with much more than a glance.

Assigned to Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School,

I would be working with the kids, hope they don’t drool.

Drool and germs aside, I love workings with the youth,

It truly was the perfect fit for me and that is all the truth.

Welcome to Year Three,

Said the voices of 25 young pupils welcoming me.

The teacher exclaimed, you have come to the right place,

As this is an excellent learning space.

We appreciate you coming, your presence is of great need,

Without volunteers like you, the children would not succeed.

We can’t thank you enough, the teacher ranted,

Us too, the children all chanted.

Pulling me aside, she was quick to tell,

You are a bombshell but many are not as fortunate and well.

Coming from homes of different background,

Lower income, overcrowding and single parent families are to be found.

Accepting and learning from those different from us,

I am very much aware as we can discuss.

Going on to say, the children often do not get enough attention,

And their studies have slipped, not to mention.

The child is never at fault and we do all that we can,

Time is of the essence, so we make a plan.

Proven critical to work one-on-one with each child more,

Resulting in their learning being enhanced more than ever before.

High education standards are to be meet,

And Blessed Sacrament will not succumb to defeat.

With your help we can give the kids a future all so bright,

Oh, it would be such a marvelous sight.

Introduced to the class,

The teacher warned her pupils, you better not give any sass.

I told the children they could call me Miss Kate,

And honestly they think I am great.

Wanting to touch my blonde hair,

And try on her heels if they so dare. 

They ask in all curiosity what is the American dream,

I tell them life isn’t always what it may seem.

Infatuated by my American accent as I speak,

When in fact it is me who is enamored by their British accents and all the cheek.

Meeting on Wednesday each week,

The children and I have much to complete.

With all to accomplish in a day,

The children do look forward to me coming I must say.

School is a safe place to learn, interact and grow,

After a hard day of work there is much progress to show.

Our day begins with much clammer,

Before we move into grammar.

Education puts the children on the right path,

And lets not forget to add up the math.

Hard at work on our times tables,

We give each of the pictures labels.

I read one-on-one with each child from a book,

And if they need help, I’ll offer a look.

We sound out any tricky words, pausing at, “originate,”

One word at a time, the pronunciation much up to debate.

Next we move onto spelling and I’m very impressed with the words they spell,

The children are so very smart from what I can tell.

When the children work hard we incorporate a game or two,

Then go outside to play until our hands turn blue.

When my day with then children comes to an end,

They are so very sad, but I say I’ll see you next week to put them on the mend.

I part ways with Business 200 resulting in many take aways,

I’ll carry forth this experience into the professional world with no delays.

I have had an overall experience all too great,

Volunteering, serving and giving back is my new fixate.

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