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Merry Christmas Mate!

Merry Christmas from London! Tis the season to celebrate holiday cheer, family and friends, each other’s love and shop (until we drop!). I embarked on a little adventure to soak in the holiday buzz and experience firsthand how Christmas is done London style.



The hustle and bustle of the busy streets has severely intensified and you can find jolly Londoners mulling about and headed in all directions. The Tubes are packed, transporting mass amounts of shoppers venturing all over central London to purchase the perfect gifts. The air is filled with joy as Christmas toons blare through the streets. Tree stands are popping up everywhere selling Charlie Brown sized trees with carolers singing and wishing you “merry Christmas mate.” The shops are decked in tinsel, life sized Santas grinning merrily, holiday decoration lining every square inch and over-the-top window displays. Some of the displays are so incredibly mesmerizing, it’s hard to pull your eyes away until the door man yells, “move along,” reminding you this isn’t a fairytale after all. After making my way through South Kensington, Harrods, Old Bond, New Bond, Oxford and Covent Gardens, I was completely exhausted from all the crowds (and had probably been bumped upwards of 1,000 times). At this point, I had enough London Christmas cheer for the day and journeyed home for a warm holiday drink.




I’m truly feeling bittersweet about leaving London in just two weeks. Time has flown by and I’ve had an incredible experience abroad and traveling all throughout Europe. On the flip side, I’m also anxiously awaiting flying back into Minneapolis to be with my family over the holidays and enjoy the Christmas season in the States as well.




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