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Eating Our Way Through Camden

Meeting up with old friends is always such a joy! I had the incredible opportunity of meeting up with my friend Kristin who lives in California and is also studying abroad in the United Kingdom this semester! We haven’t seen each other in awhile, so it was so much fun catching up and exchanging stories about our time spent across the pond.


My friends and I brought Kristin to Camden Market, which is a personal favorite of mine, and located in a borough near central London. Camden is known for having a unique range of street food and shops selling just about anything you could imagine. I’m not going to lie, the area itself is quite odd, but when you get to the actual market area, you are immediately consumed by the incredible smells of food wafting through the air and get caught up in the vibrant atmosphere.


The food at Camden is all too enticing and choosing what to eat is always the hardest decision. I had the best (and biggest) Mexican quesadilla filled with flavorful and seasoned chicken, veggies, rice, chick peas, guacamole, sour cream and salsa- YUM! Afterwards we made our way to my favorite cookie stand which sells homemade vegan and gluten free cookies made into ice cream sandwiches. My friends like to joke the cookies might actually be healthy due to being vegan and gluten free, but who are we kidding haha! I am really going to miss all of the incredible market food in London and I am doing my best to hit up as many different ones I can during my last few weeks here.




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