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Tommies Eat Their Way Through London

As a foodie, I have made it my mission to seek out only the best food when I travel because I am truly a food snob. Ultimately, I have come to the conclusion that all of the food in London is pretty much the same as you will find hundreds of local pubs with a good selection of pies and the typical fish and chips. However, if you are looking for really good homemade food in London, you need to hit up the markets. There are markets scattered all throughout the boroughs of London and I am eating my way through all of them during my time here.

The Camden Market is nestled into the Camden Lock and in the center of Camden Town. The Camden Market is vibrant area with over 1,000 retail stalls selling fashions, music, art and TONS of food! Open 7 days a week, Camden is a place is London that really never sleeps due to its lively nightlife and this incredible market.



Today I ate the best sweet potato fries of my life and the most delicious ice cream sandwich!



I have now been to the Camden Market several times because you could honestly go countless times and never eat the same thing twice. Sorry if I am making you hungry!!




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