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Art Changes We Change

There is no true definition of art, as the definition lies is the eyes of the beholder. This is one of the most complex and unexplainable wonders of the world, and something I have learned to particularly love during my time spent in London. I have now visited the Tate Modern art museum three times for my Art History course, and on each of my visits have gained a more robust appreciation for this incredible exhibition of art. The Tate is not telling a story of history, rather it is doing something else, but what exactly that is, has proven immensely difficult to define.

One of the most attractive features of the Tate is how the museum has captured art emerging from completely ordinary and everyday artifacts. Our culture has mutually developed and agreed upon a definition of beauty, yet the Tate has utterly shattered this “definition,” as not all of the pieces appear beautiful in this traditional sense. Modern art is quite unique, and honestly I do not love or even understand all of the pieces in this museum, yet I have come to a deeper understanding that art comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes.






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