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A Modern Take at the Tate

Our world is a beautiful place that is ever changing and complex. Art mirrors this undescribable phenomenon and provides a unique perspective of an era by incorporating a diverse range of human events, emotion, historical happenings and original taste of the artist. Dating back thousands of years, art has the ability to capture my heart over and over again as I venture through art museums all over Europe. Art can draw in a viewer or leave vivid feelings of disdain. I ultimately love art because each viewer sees something completely different. Often times I forget that as an ever changing practice, art from present day can be just as appealing as “traditional” art, yet, at times, completly overlooked.

The Tate Modern is housed in the former Bankside Power Station and strikingly remodeled after an international competition to select an architect for the new gallery. This impressive building is home to pieces 1900 to the present day and the artwork is not displayed in chronological order. Open, interactive, and full of mystery- the Tate Modern it is truly like no other art gallery I have ever seen or experienced before.

Two very specific criteria are usually expected when viewing art. The first being beauty and the second an interest in viewing a pieces of art work that you, yourself could not have made. Contrastingly, the unique pieces housed in the Tate fulfill just the opposite of this. Modern and contemporary, the art is needless to say, very different- some pieces simply look as though I could have thrown them together in a matter of minutes, and to be quite frank, others were absolutely atrocious. Yet despite all of this, I was completely drawn to the work exhibited and mesmerized by the simplicity in the beauty of everyday items and common happenings. If you ever get the chance, set all previous feeling of modern art aside, and go explore the Tate Modern because I promise, you won’t be disappointed.









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