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Let’s Get Professional

Sadly the summer is rapidly coming to a close. With just weeks of summer remaining, it’s the perfect opportunity to dedicate a couple of hours to ramping up your professional profile!

3 ways to transform your professional profile:

1.) LinkedIn-

LinkedIn is now becoming one of the most widely used resources in the hiring process of new employees. Your LinkedIn profile is an online space that represents you and your professional skills, and it should be a space that you would actually want future employers to be viewing. Far too often students spend a minimal amount of time creating a basic LinkedIn profile that lacks depth. In spending just an hour of your time on LinkedIn, you can improve your profile and make it worthy of any employer taking a look. Good places to start updating your LinkedIn profile include job experiences and the summary sections. These sections should reflect your current job or internship positions, as well as skill sets or accomplishments. In addition, take a few minutes to add new connections on LinkedIn. These connections could be coworkers, past work connections, or people you have networked with in the past.

Career Development Center presents Job Fair Insiders' Tips in Woulfe Alumni Hall North on February 11, 214.

2.) Resume-

Having an updated resume is one of the most important tools in the professional world. It is a lot easier to keep your resume up-to-date rather than trying to reflect on what you did in the past. An easy way to keep an updated resume is to keep a running Word document of projects or tasks performed at work or in any of the activities you take part in. From this list you will be able create a description more effectively and efficiently.

Students engage with employers at the Career Opportunity Fair in the School of Law Schulze Grand Atrium on Friday, November 15, 2013.

3.) Elevator Speech and Cover Letter Templates-

With the school year just around the corner, job and internship fairs are bound to be in your near future. Save yourself preparation time later on and start to draft your elevator speech as well as a template cover letter in advance. An elevator speech is pretty simple and is just a couple sentences about yourself that introduces who you are and highlights a few of your skill sets. Cover letter templates are also useful to have on hand because you never know when you will need to have one drafted on short notice.

Students engage with employers at the Career Opportunity Fair in the School of Law Schulze Grand Atrium on Friday, November 15, 2013.

I know this was a lot of information, but trust me, by putting in a couple of hours of work dedicated to your professional profile, you will thank yourself later on. The Career Development Center on campus is also a great resource on campus to help you with professional skills. Stop by to seek LinkedIn advice, attend a seminar, edit your resume or even do a mock interview. The Career Development Center has great summer hours and also offer a variety of pop in appointments.

Career Specialist Amber Bieneck Thom (middle back) talks to students during a job and internship fair orientation event at the Career Development Center's Career Development Resource Center in the Murray-Herrick Campus Center on December 15, 2014. Students attended the event to learn about and register for the spring Job and Internship Fair. These photos were taken for a newsroom feature store about the Career Development Center.

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