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A Day in the Life of a Tommie Tour Guide

Who??? The Tommie Tour Guides are a group of enthusiastic students at the University of St. Thomas who love showing off their school and meeting lots of new prospective students and their families. Personally, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to represent my school in a positive and engaging manner and I’m passionate about sharing my Tommie experience with others.

What do they do? We give prospective students and their families an approximately 1 hour, 15 minute long tour of our beautiful St. Paul campus. You will find the Tour Guides pausing along the tour route to point out campus highlights, talk about classes, dorm life, campus activities, as well as share personal stories of why they love attending St. Thomas. Tommie Tour Guides also hold a plethora of  knowledge and are able to answer any questions asked throughout the tour.

When? There is a lot of flexibility that comes along with our job. Some of the Tour Guides are only here for the summer and the rest are regulars. You can find us giving tours throughout the week and on a couple of Saturdays throughout the year. If you pass us along the tour route, be sure to say hi or offer a friendly smile!

The uniform? You’ll find the Tommie Tour Guides wearing PURPLE!

Why? I choose to become a Tommie Tour Guide because I am heavily involved at St. Thomas and love sharing my experience with others. I have always been the type of person who is a go getter and loves to juggle multiple jobs at once, especially during the summer when I have extra time on my hands. Being a Tommie Tour Guide fits perfectly into my schedule, and it’s also a fun way meeting our dynamic Admissions Team. The Admissions Office is always seeking additional students who are passionate about St. Thomas and want to share their stories of why they choose to attend school here with others.

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