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Foshay Tower, Minneapolis

I didn’t grow up in the Minneapolis area, so I jump at every opportunity I get to explore the city! I love exploring the Minneapolis area because there is so much to do, and sometimes it is fun to do the “touristy” things that often times get overlooked. I took the St. Thomas shuttle bus from the St. Thomas campus in St. Paul to the downtown Minneapolis campus. From the Minneapolis campus, the Foshay Tower Observation Deck is then a short two block walk. The Foshay Tower Observation Deck is located at the very top of the W Minneapolis hotel in the heart of downtown. It was the tallest building in Minneapolis from 1929-1972 and has set a remarkable example of architectural design and engineering for the state of Minnesota. The best part about this adventure is it is only $5 for students! The Foshay Tower overlooks the entire city and has an incredible view. It provides viewers with a completely new perspective of Minneapolis and it is rumored that there is a 30-mile view on a clear day.

Be adventurous, explore and check out the Foshay Tower for yourself!




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