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Miracles Do Happen

Thousands of people have been flocking to a southwest suburban parish of Chicago to see a present day miracle. Since July, tiny droplets of fragranced oil have been trickling down the icon of St. John the Baptist which is located in front of the altar at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Homer Glen.

People react differently to supernatural events such as this, and many believe this oil coming from the icon possesses healing properties and it may be a blessing from God. Events like this ultimately tend to draw people towards God.

The parish priest described the oil coming from the icon to be a breathtaking event. Rev. Sotirios “Sam” Dimitriou was quoted saying, “You don’t expect anything like this. It’s breathtaking. It’s so powerful to see such an act of God before your eyes.” The oil is sweet smelling and is trickling from the icon’s halo, wings, hands and beard. The excess oil is being collected in a reservoir of cotton at the base of the icon. Several cases of divine healing have already been reported. One man had a blocked artery which has been cleared and another has claimed to be cancer free. The priest himself had previously experienced blackouts caused by a nerve condition, and these blackouts have ceased since the oil has begin to flow from the icon, and Dimitrious has stopped taking his medication.

The church has received an overwhelming amount of visitors coming to firsthand experience this miracle and true phenomenon. The diocese states, “We are blessed to have this occurring at our parish in Homer Glen, Illinois.” The auxiliary bishop of the diocese chose not to comment to the Chicago Tribune on whether the phenomenon was a genuine miracle, saying, “We let the faithful believe it if they wish.” Bishop Demetrios added: “If it brings you closer to God that’s wonderful. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”


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