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I am a big fan of St. Thomas eXpress because as a busy college student, I am constantly on the go. I don’t have a meal plan, so if I want to eat anywhere on-campus, I can use my eXpress to pay for food or other things on-campus. Another perk of eXpress is it can be used at specific places off-campus as well. The eXpress Account works in a debit spending program way and is available to registered students, faculty, and staff.

10 places you didn’t know took eXpress off-campus:

1.) Chipotle

My personal favorite! Ford park Way and Cleveland (Highland).

2.) Coffee Bene

A great place for meeting or working on homework, plus everyone could use a little pick-me-up in their day! Cleveland and Grand, as well as the library location.

3.) Snuffy’s Malt Shop

Their malts are amazing! 244 Cleveland location.

4.) Sinclair Gas station

1745 Grand and 1345 Grand locations.

5.) CVS Pharmacy

Good to know especially when you are away from home. 1040 Grand and 810 Maryland Ave. locations.

6.) Davanni’s
Also a great place to meet up with others. Plus Davanni’s will deliver around campus! Cleveland and Grand location.

7.) Groveland Barber Shop

Great place to go and close to campus. 2028 St. Clair Ave.

8.) Noodles & Company

2110 Ford Parkway location.

9.) Pieology Pizza

2111 Ford Parkway.

10.) Widmer’s Supermarket

So great having a grocery store close by! 1936 St. Clair Ave.

The complete list of places on-campus and off-campus where eXpress is taken:

If you would like to start using eXpress, please visit the Tommie Card Office.

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